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1h Ago
Fact check: The Trump administration cannot keep their own story straight about the abhorrent practice of separating families at the border. Here is the truth about what's happening.
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1h Ago
When you have the most powerful nation on earth saying that it is acceptable to tear children from the arms of their parents, you are sending a signal to countries around the world that this is how they can treat immigrants and minorities. That is a very dangerous signal.
3741 Favorites 1349 Retweets
1h Ago
To be politically successful, Trump needs to create enemies and divide us up. He needs to turn men against women, white against black, straight against the LGBT community, Christian against Muslim, native born against immigrant. We will not let him win.
8768 Favorites 3062 Retweets
2h Ago
The Acting Director of ICE can't bring himself to say that separating families is humane, yet he insists on continuing this horrifying policy.
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19h Ago
Since 1990, 4 defense contractors (including Lockheed & Boeing) spent over $714 million on lobbying and campaign contributions. Yesterday, their wish for endless war was granted while children in America go hungry and veterans sleep on the street.
8556 Favorites 4711 Retweets
22h Ago
"We should be able to agree that we will not keep kids in child internment camps indefinitely and hidden away from public view." – @RepCummings
15404 Favorites 6937 Retweets
1d Ago
What is happening at the border right now constitutes torture, according to @amnesty. Separating parents from their children is inhumane and must be stopped.
15971 Favorites 9347 Retweets
1d Ago
We cannot spend more on our military than the next 10 nations combined while millions of Americans do not have food and housing and health care. It’s about time we got our national priorities right. That is why I voted against spending $716 billion on the military today.
31691 Favorites 8119 Retweets
1d Ago
The United States of America is not and must never be about locking up little children in cages on the southern border.
16414 Favorites 5705 Retweets
1d Ago
RT @EconomicPolicy: One in nine U.S. workers are paid wages that can leave them in poverty, even when working full time. #PoorPeoplesCampai
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2d Ago
BREAKING: The U.S. government released horrifying footage of a child detention center in Texas. Together, we must defeat this inhumane and un-American action.
54343 Favorites 41223 Retweets
2d Ago
Apply now for paid fall internships in Sen. Sanders' Washington D.C., Burlington and St. Johnsbury offices. The deadline to apply is this Friday, June 22.
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4d Ago
"We must move from considering others as threats to our comfort to valuing them as persons whose life experience and values can contribute greatly to the enrichment of our society." –Pope Francis
5016 Favorites 1788 Retweets
4d Ago
This nun has a message for the members of the Trump administration who are using the Bible to justify ripping immigrant children away from their parents.
18423 Favorites 8740 Retweets
4d Ago
I say to Disney CEO Bob Iger: you can lead this country in ending the type of corporate greed which is causing so much pain. Start paying all of your workers a livable wage with decent benefits.
4199 Favorites 1553 Retweets
4d Ago
Together, we will defeat the Trump administration's inhumane and un-American policy of ripping babies from the arms of their mothers and fathers.
4599 Favorites 2042 Retweets
4d Ago
.@SenMikeLee and I call on Sec. Mattis to immediately disclose the full extent of the U.S. military role in the Saudi-led war against Yemen’s Houthis and issue a public declaration opposing the impending assault on Hodeida.
1857 Favorites 864 Retweets
4d Ago
This is America, a nation of compassion and generosity. We will not allow Trump, Sessions or anyone else to continue a policy of ripping babies from the arms of their mothers. Together, we will defeat this inhumane and un-American action.
4245 Favorites 1009 Retweets
4d Ago
The Trump admin, in its unabashed cruelty, is carving out a unique place in American history. It's not just support for racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and religious bigotry. They've hit a new low by separating kids from their parents and placing them in detention centers.
10320 Favorites 3009 Retweets
5d Ago
The U.S. must stop its unconstitutional and unauthorized participation in this war and support the UN’s effort to get a cease-fire. No child should have to live like this.
3860 Favorites 1636 Retweets
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