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7h Ago
@tcmeuk1 If lazy/soft/poor policing is staying within the law then guilty as accused. I’ve no powers under Criminal Justice & Public Order Act if landowner doesn’t require trespassers to leave. Each encampment dealt on own merits; I issued s61 directions to leave to last two encampments
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9h Ago
Good to speak to good turnout from District NHW coordinators at the police station then to Preston Capes to give police report at Annual Meeting. Good discussion on ‘emotional connection’ with communities by Neighbourhood Policing Teams (as suggested by a certain Chief Constable)
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12h Ago
Travellers have set up encampment on private land at Landmark Hotel, Daventry. No damage caused to gain entry. Sensible & civil dialogue between agents, travellers & us means police powers not used & informal conditions agreed by all. Travellers en route to Appleby Fair next week
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22h Ago
And worthy additions (but not newcomers) to our team and family they will be. Well done and welcome to an amazing job
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1d Ago
@SPS3889 @NorPolSpecials Good to see you in the Daventry office and to catch up in person
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1d Ago
Pleased to be at Moulton Parish Council Annual Meeting while PCSO Miller splits himself between Spratton & Boughton Parish Councils Annual Meetings. Using @Daventry_CSP report which shows crime generally on trend & static in Moulton tho no room for complacency @CLERKMPC1
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1d Ago
@SteveEdw4rds Thanks, Steve. We published this appeal yesterday and are on it...
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2d Ago
I’m receiving messages from well-meaning community members that other victims or witnesses haven’t come forward. PC Rands is the officer dealing with this matter. Pls contact him or us as per below
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2d Ago
@L_Edwards88 @DerekSTaylor @Stephen_Mold @NorthantsChief Can I politely ask that there is no more commenting about specific incidents like last night. Police attended and arrests made. Naming and commenting on specifics can prevent the justice you/we seek. We will update in our website when able to. Thanks
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2d Ago
@L_Edwards88 With best will in world we prob won’t agree on here. You highlight part of Police’s challenge - and opportunity. Police are community members too. We hate it when bad people flourish at expense of good. I assure you we are ‘bought in’ to the issues here & 100% will do all we can
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2d Ago
@SPS3889 @PCSOSangster @hutch472 @DaventryPolice Great to have you out with us again, and much appreciated, I’m sure, by our rural community
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2d Ago
RT @PcsoCarlBarton: #SpeedEnforcement on the Byfield Road, Woodford Halse this morning. No offenders.
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2d Ago
RT @northantsfire: Installing a sprinkler system is like having a firefighter in every room of your home! #ThinkSprinkler…
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2d Ago
Driving without insurance isn’t as uncommon as it should be, but a sure way of having your vehicle seized & it’s happening weekly locally too. Useful reminder here as to why. It’s often first question at an RTC: ‘is the other car insured?’ Uninsured driving is an absolute offence
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2d Ago
@L_Edwards88 As you know, can’t discuss individual cases in public. I don’t believe your summary is right, though accept that justice means different things to different people. Let’s focus on gathering evidence which can deliver criminal justice? That won’t be on Facebook (sadly or gladly)
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2d Ago
Angry Daventry FB talk re youths setting on youths like other incidents which we’ve prosecuted. I worry if names mentioned & incidents go unreported. I want my team to investigate not least if same ppl involved. Facebook won’t deliver justice. We can, and will, so tell Police pls
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3d Ago
Directed music today at loving farewell of Spencer Benefice six parishes to Ven David Painter. Former Chaplain to Archbishop Coggan, later Archdeacon, came out of retirement to be Rector. Words of his hymn choice still ringing ‘And still stir up the gift in me’. Gift well stirred
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3d Ago
@NorthantsChief Well said. Have come a long way since first trialled in Daventry
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3d Ago
Thanks for patience of users of A428 Harlestone 5.30pm closed and traffic diverted for an hour after single vehicle collision with wall opposite pub. Minor airbag injuries for driver. Great support from locals - copious tea, sweeping debris, clearing road & looking after driver
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3d Ago
Gr8 result indeed & these bikes will be familiar to locals. Seized from Southbrook: local bikes ridden by local youths; local problem, local priority, local solution. Would love to find legal alternative to off-roading on estate which many (inc adults) don’t realise is illegal
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