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7w Ago
RT @kolbisneat: Just a Teeny Tiny Government Facility.
0 Favorites 516 Retweets
7w Ago
Wishing our favorite leading lady a happy birthday! #TheShapeofWater
2157 Favorites 445 Retweets
8w Ago
RT @_sinnamin: Stitched these @RealGDT & Amphibian Man plushies while rewatching #TheShapeOfWater #GuillermoDelToro
0 Favorites 34 Retweets
8w Ago
RT @SummerTeerlink: “Glad to have you as a friend.” Fan art of the creature from #TheShapeofWater - I think about this movie all the time,…
0 Favorites 89 Retweets
8w Ago
RT @IndieWire: Alejandro G. Iñárritu really loved #TheShapeOfWater: “That idea could not only occur to Guillermo del Toro, but also only an…
0 Favorites 32 Retweets
8w Ago
RT @michellejbond: Finally got to see #TheShapeofWater last night! Little late to the party, but absolutely in love with its surreal story-…
0 Favorites 12 Retweets
8w Ago
RT @EJKhryst: Rewatching #TheShapeofWater today. Still blown away about the magic realism throughout the film. Also, the most beautiful art…
0 Favorites 7 Retweets
8w Ago
RT @foxsearchlight: "With each fable he weaves, he pushes us closer to acceptance of a primal truth: that we each have a deep connection to…
0 Favorites 27 Retweets
8w Ago
“If I tried, I still couldn’t hide my love for you.” #TheShapeofWater
1679 Favorites 412 Retweets
9w Ago
RT @KelseyTL: My boyfriend and I adored #TheShapeofWater but only he drew an amazing tribute to it. #mitchellspixels @RealGDT @actordougjon
0 Favorites 227 Retweets
9w Ago
.@TIME names #TheShapeofWater director @realGDT as one of 2018’s 100 Most Influential People. #TIME100
898 Favorites 225 Retweets
9w Ago
RT @scottlava: “If I told you about her, what would I say? I wonder.“ ...…
0 Favorites 1165 Retweets
9w Ago
“When he looks at me… He sees me for what I am.” #TheShapeofWater
788 Favorites 181 Retweets
9w Ago
More powerful than words. #TheShapeofWater
896 Favorites 165 Retweets
9w Ago
Together. #TheShapeofWater
1692 Favorites 514 Retweets
10w Ago
“All that I am, all that I’ve ever been, brought me here to him.” #TheShapeofWater
500 Favorites 97 Retweets
10w Ago
RT @Mahryerr: A quick vignette study from memory. #TheShapeofWater #illustration #procreate #digitalart
0 Favorites 37 Retweets
10w Ago
RT @TjDex: I have just fallen in love with Sally Hawkins #TheShapeofWater
0 Favorites 24 Retweets
10w Ago
0 Favorites 214 Retweets
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