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3h Ago
RT @oceanexplorer: #Okeanos is headed back to the surface after a very fishy dive today. Learn more about the fish, chimaeras, while you wa…
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9h Ago
RT @BrookeKanani: Juvenile white shark pendants are back in stock! Help support @OCEARCH research! #SundayMorning h…
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10h Ago
RT @FinsUnited: #Finfact: On average, #sharks have 5 gills (some have 6 or 7). Do you know how they work? The different types of ways a #sh
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10h Ago
RT @divefinatic: Idaho Was Once Swarming with Ancient Buzz-Saw-Faced Sharks Helicoprion! In Idaho.
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13h Ago
“Wildness is the preservation of the World.” - Thoreau 🌊😌🦈 #SundayMorning
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13h Ago
RT @CostaSunglasses: Protect what's yet to be explored... #UntangleOurOceans at #seewhatsoutthere #bornonthewater
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14h Ago
RT @azula: Fourteen fun facts about squid, octopuses and other cephalopods via @SmithsonianMag…
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23h Ago
RT @BrookeKanani: Rock these mini shark fins while your favorite @OCEARCH sharks ping! #SaturdayNight…
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1d Ago
RT @OCEARCH: Looks like tiger shark @TheRealDeMott is making some moves. Up until now he’s remained pretty consistent, but now it appears h…
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1d Ago
RT @azula: Get ready to learn some new names.
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1d Ago
Isn't she beautiful?! 🌊🤩🦈 #SaturdayMorning shark sighting
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1d Ago
RT @YETICoolers: For folks who love the outdoors, summer solstice is an occasion to be celebrated. Follow along as Fly Fishing Ambassador J…
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1d Ago
RT @ElasmoMania: more #nudibranchs from diving in #SoutheastAsia- the diversity in colours, shapes & sizes is fascinating for #species livi…
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1d Ago
RT @oceana: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" - The laughing gull, probably. The laughing gull is the most common seagull in the Caribbean Sea…
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2d Ago
RT @OCEARCH: That’s a wrap on #ExpeditionGulfStream. All of the science came together exactly as we imagined, setting a new precedent for f…
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2d Ago
RT @OCEARCH: 82-degree water and a big 15-foot white shark. That’s the biggest one we’ve seen in water that warm. #ExpeditionGulfStream htt…
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3d Ago
RT @OCEARCH: A 9-foot white shark washed up on a California beach. The results of a necropsy sparked a criminal probe…
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3d Ago
It's the longest day of the year! 🌊🤩🦈 #SummerSolstice
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3d Ago
RT @danniwashington: #WaterWednesdays: Did you know it takes 1000 years for water to complete a continuous journey around the world? It’s a…
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3d Ago
RT @OCEARCH: Fishermen just reeled in a big tiger shark who went silent on the tracker 2 years ago today. It’s good news because we now kno…
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