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1h Ago
@Redhead4645 @Nov2018election @Joan1Barb @NewDayForNJ @HDowning113 @Aikens_Josh @maryann_penza @Truthisbackx2 @SupervisorWorld @dawnarrabito @CJAngel7 @JohnMcGeever70 @stevenrcorey @JPR8788 @flaps5868 @LindaMaryGG @johnnich88 @KayM728 @Theresa765 @StevenRCorey1 @Patches122333 @BobHugin @realDonaldTrump Red I’m pretty sure Terre was referring to Josh Hawley in my state with her tweet to me. I can’t speak for those in your state just hope the true MAGA candidate wins. 🤗
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3h Ago
RT @sonnywilson73: See you guys very soon. Ready to get working for America's @RealSheriffJoe . #LeadRight @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr
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6h Ago
RT @sonnywilson73: We no longer can be spectators of history. We must fight for what is right. The Resistance Lives On! @realDonaldTrump
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7h Ago
@TheWayOfMatt @DjJazzyJeffT @Nov2018election @MissouriGOP @realDonaldTrump @AmericaFirstMO @RNRMissouri @MOHouseGOP @sonnywilson73 @DonaldJTrumpJr @EricTrump @PriscillasView @SKYRIDER4538 @ericbolling @charliekirk11 I’ll give you 3 reasons O would not support a FAKE MAGA candidate! 1. The Koch Brothers which mind you Trump is even against! 2. John Danforth Mr. Never Trumper 3. The establishment pacs of Mitch McConnell! I did support a MAGA candidate that worked with Trump just not Hawley!
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7h Ago
RT @Nov2018election: @SiddonsDan @Shawtypepelina Hey Dan. I know you’re a real person. Lol. Shawty too. This guys the newest troll. Lol
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7h Ago
RT @skb_sara: @SiddonsDan @Shawtypepelina Someone that lives in mommy's basement talking to stuffed animals & pounding a keyboard like an i…
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8h Ago
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8h Ago
@CABSEAT80 Thanks so much sweetie 😘🤗
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8h Ago
RT @CABSEAT80: @Shawtypepelina Yes I was on your side when I tweeted that !!! :)
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