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6h Ago
@nyoung_72 Hi Nichola, we aren't currently selling our re-usable bottles. But keep an eye out as there may be some coming soon!
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21h Ago
We're at the @WeAreProject0 #PassOnPlastic Experience on @CarnabyLondon with legend @BernardFowler. This is his #PassOnPlastic pledge...
18 Favorites 7 Retweets
4d Ago
We popped down to the #PassOnPlastic experience today, just in time to see Jimmy Jagger make his pledge! What's yours?
19 Favorites 4 Retweets
5d Ago
We came, we saw and we cleaned Bull Island, Dublin with @SkyIreland staff and @CleanCoasts! #PassOnPlastic 🇮🇪
78 Favorites 18 Retweets
6d Ago
We were treated to a little accoustic session from @TheRiptideMovement's latest single, #PlasticOceans released on Friday! Reminding us all about why we should #PassOnPlastic! 🇮🇪
16 Favorites 8 Retweets
6d Ago
Today, we're launching @SkyIreland Sky Ocean Rescue on Bull Island in Dublin with the help of a few friends, @AmandaByram, @theriptidemovement and our new whale Poly. Let's #PassOnPlastic! 🇮🇪
31 Favorites 16 Retweets
6d Ago
The average person typically uses six plastic bottles each week - which would stretch from Dublin to Boston if laid end to end #PassOnPlastic
94 Favorites 94 Retweets
6d Ago
Let's give a big hello to our new whale....Poly! Named by the visitors at the @VolvoOceanRace Cardiff stopover. #PassOnPlastic
136 Favorites 43 Retweets
19h Ago
Canada's environment minister has encouraged G7 leaders to do more to cut the use of single-use plastics and tackle the pollution of our oceans
94 Favorites 38 Retweets
22h Ago
.@ScottQuinnell made a big splash for @TurnTidePlastic as they embarked on the next leg of the @VolvoOceanRace to Gothenburg, Sweden yesterday!
26 Favorites 14 Retweets
1w Ago
Help us make the difference by signing and sharing our petition! #PassOnPlasticEmoji
41 Favorites 22 Retweets
1w Ago
Help us stop this sum from becoming the norm. Sign our petition and #PassOnPlasticEmoji
42 Favorites 26 Retweets
1w Ago
We met Welsh rugby legend @ScottQuinnell today, who's #PassOnPlastic pledge is to use reusable water bottles!
85 Favorites 22 Retweets
1w Ago
Help us make a change by signing our petition to remove the plastic cup with straw emoji from our keyboards #PassOnPlasticEmoji
57 Favorites 36 Retweets
1w Ago
Today, we're launching the Pass On Plastic Experience at @CarnabyLondon, 22 Beak Street with our friends at @weareProject0! Pop on down this weekend and discover the little things you can do to #PassOnPlastic!
35 Favorites 12 Retweets
1w Ago
RT @TurnTidePlastic: Very tight rounding for the first top mark
0 Favorites 9 Retweets
1w Ago
Sometimes the sums just don't add up. Help us change that. Sign our petition and #PassOnPlasticEmoji
41 Favorites 28 Retweets
1w Ago
Two young girls, who had never been to the seaside before, give an insight into the importance of our seas #WorldOceansDay
40 Favorites 15 Retweets
1w Ago
A British designer is hoping his invention to prevent microplastics from reaching the ocean will be made mandatory #PassOnPlastic
71 Favorites 38 Retweets
1w Ago
Sir David Attenborough has told @SkyNews that "The human race will regret it if we don't act on plastic now" #PassOnPlastic
264 Favorites 152 Retweets
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