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3h Ago
RT @SallyQYates: In a single day, POTUS turns a blind eye to the barbaric murder of journalist and we learn that he tried to order DOJ to g…
0 Favorites 29217 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @RVAwonk: Jamal Khashoggi was murdered, dismembered, & dissolved in acid. Then, the country he believed would have his back turned on hi…
0 Favorites 4981 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @AstronomerAmber: *I take out both of my laptops at airport security* Random guy: *scoffs* “What do you need 2 laptops for?” Me: “Well o…
0 Favorites 24706 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @IlhanMN: Once again, our President proves that you can’t buy a moral compass. And Saudi Arabia proves that you can, on the other hand,…
0 Favorites 20317 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @SenBobCorker: I never thought I’d see the day a White House would moonlight as a public relations firm for the Crown Prince of Saudi Ar…
0 Favorites 13855 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @tonyschwartz: He proudly stands with Saudi Arabia, Russia and North Korea and against our NATO allies, individually and collectively.
0 Favorites 5349 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: Today: State advised Saudis to blame an innocent for MBS’ role in Khashoggi’s murder, Trump still supports him. Ivanka…
0 Favorites 2147 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @MaddieBarry8: DT in his interview with Chris Wallace of FOX, claimed he went to Arlington last year to pay tribute to troops. ANOTHER L…
0 Favorites 189 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @NatashaBertrand: aaaaand voilà—Matthew Whitaker in July 2016: I would indict Hillary Clinton https://t.co/gAVKMmNFWj (h/t @matthewamill
0 Favorites 5980 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @RWPUSA: The report that @realDonaldTrump sought to use the power of the Justice Department to prosecute @HillaryClinton is a grave thre…
0 Favorites 5922 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @JRubinBlogger: House MUST begin hearings next year on Trump financial connections to Saudis
0 Favorites 2476 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @PreetBharara: Which other political adversaries did Trump want DOJ to investigate? It will all come out.
0 Favorites 4400 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @matthewamiller: The news that Trump pushed to prosecute Comey gives you a clue why he is refusing to answer any questions on obstructio…
0 Favorites 6001 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @ProudResister: NY TIMES—Trump sought to prosecute @HillaryClinton and @Comey, but lawyers warned it could lead to his impeachment. The…
0 Favorites 2032 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @maddow: Heavyweight TRMS law school night tonight...
0 Favorites 1651 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @renato_mariotti: I don’t know what concerns me more—that Trump wanted to abuse his power to prosecute his political adversary and a wit…
0 Favorites 2158 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @RWPUSA: Impeachable offenses: Obstruction of justice, including firing Comey and urging DOJ prosecution of a material witness (Comey).…
0 Favorites 5750 Retweets
17h Ago
RT @robreiner: He abuses his power, obstructs justice, perverts the rule of law and condones murder. Just another Tuesday. Decent caring De…
0 Favorites 8237 Retweets
19h Ago
RT @tinaissa: Vaccines are not only to protect yourself- it’s also to get ‘herd’ or community immunity Why is this important? So elderly,…
0 Favorites 21 Retweets
19h Ago
RT @TheRickyDavila: Putin: Attacks our elections and power grid. Erdogan: Orders his goons to physically assault Americans on American soi…
0 Favorites 356 Retweets
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