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14h Ago
RT @chelseahandler: Trump took a golf cart at the G7 Summit last year because he didn’t want to walk. Ruth Bader Ginsburg broke three ribs…
0 Favorites 4764 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @jonfavs: You’re a U.S. Senator, and you made up the conspiracy that Democratic lawyers are trying to “steal” the election in Florida.…
0 Favorites 5611 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @nytimes: A white man who fired a shotgun at a black teenage boy who had knocked on his door to ask for directions was sentenced to at l…
0 Favorites 1107 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @SenDuckworth: Illinois is poised to celebrate its bicentennial next month. But as we mark this important milestone in our state’s histo…
0 Favorites 415 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @PiperPerabo: Arrests at “Count Every Vote” rally in #Georgia, including a state senator! There is a #CountEveryVote - #GA - Bail Fund h…
0 Favorites 243 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @HRC: BREAKING: Following the New York Times report on the Trump-Pence administration’s efforts to erase trans people from federal non-d…
0 Favorites 150 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @RuthHHopkins: Meet the Native American Woman Who Beat the Sponsor of North Dakota’s ID Law
0 Favorites 156 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @JoyAnnReid: Quite a pivot by the Mississippi governor...
0 Favorites 1652 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @JustinTrudeau: Thank you, President Anastasiades, for your warm welcome and for your partnership. I look forward to our two countries w…
0 Favorites 216 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @HamillHimself: For centuries, men have had their chance to rule government with middling-to-poor results. Who's ready to let women take…
0 Favorites 13449 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @TeaPainUSA: If Trump really cared about the military, he'd let his political props go home and spend Thanksgivin' with their friends an…
0 Favorites 1127 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @tribelaw: A strongly justified federal judicial smackdown to the hopelessly corrupt Brian Kemp opens the door to Stacey Abrams in Georg…
0 Favorites 2984 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @SenWarren: The wealthy and well-connected want to keep Americans divided and stop us from fighting back against a rigged system. But ch…
0 Favorites 3521 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @Mikel_Jollett: My iced tea says “vegan” on the label and I suddenly have questions about which ice teas are made with meat.
0 Favorites 978 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @CREWcrew: Trump told associates that he felt that Whitaker would be “loyal” The Attorney General is supposed to enforce the rule of la…
0 Favorites 939 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @votevets: Absolutely unreal that @ScottforFlorida and his team continue to try to stop counting all the votes in #FLSen. Meanwhile, Vo…
0 Favorites 1603 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @ananavarro: I have #PresidentEnvy
0 Favorites 3864 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @MichelleObama: It seems like yesterday that @BarackObama and I were taking our girls to @57thstreetbooks store. Today, I was there with…
0 Favorites 4044 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @RVAwonk: I'd say the guy who cut my eyelid open and tried to slit my throat with a box-cutter would qualify as "evil". But I got a seco…
0 Favorites 2223 Retweets
14h Ago
RT @ecojustice_ca: Health Canada must consider whether tainted science was used to okay the approval of #glyphosate, a pesticide linked to…
0 Favorites 16 Retweets
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