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10h Ago
USS Intrepid, 'The Fighting I,' was one of 21, yes 21, Essex class aircraft carriers ordered after Pearl Harbor, joining those that were already ordered. They formed the backbone of the unstoppable American advance across the Pacific from 1943 onwards.
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19h Ago
Remembrance. Young firefighters visit the FDNY 343 Memorial Wall with the names of the 343 men of the Fire Department who died in the attack on the World Trade Centre.
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19h Ago
History lesson for today, from a master.
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20h Ago
RT @jbf1755: Well, folks. I'm happy to say that -- finally -- my website is up and running, and it has the bulk of my fall book events list…
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20h Ago
RT @thehistoryguy: Watch for free. Follow the link below.
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21h Ago
So far, just: 💥@warwickuni 💥@Kennedy_School 💥Various @BAFTA panels 💥All @RTS_media panels 💥 Every single TV network in the English speaking world. 💥Every single check in person who I’ve asked for a free upgrade 💥Lots and lots and lots of women #ShareYourRejections
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21h Ago
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22h Ago
I don't know why the age has been eradicated. We'll have to ask @TrinityWallSt
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22h Ago
Today in 1819 armed troops violently dispersed a huge political reform demonstration in Manchester. 15 were killed, 100s wounded. It was dubbed the 'Peterloo Massacre.'
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22h Ago
After a month, we found about £20 worth of gold. 🎉💰
55 Favorites 2 Retweets
22h Ago
Today in 1896 Skookum Jim, a member of the Tagish First Nation, found gold in a creek bed in the Yukon. This provoked the last great goldrush as thousands of 'Stampeders' raced to find the mother lode. Over a century later, I followed them.
74 Favorites 7 Retweets
22h Ago
I'm getting to the end of my usefulness.
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22h Ago
Just met with @TopekaKSam at @HopeHouseNYC. She's slowly but surely making the world a better and more just place. Please support.
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23h Ago
Watch for free. Follow the link below.
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1d Ago
RT @James1940: Publication day today, just in case anyone is interested. Actually, the biggest air battle of the war and key to the succes…
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1d Ago
One World Trade Centre. The tallest building in the Americas. 1776 ft. Cornerstone laid on 4 July. Obama wrote on a steel beam that was then hoisted to the top, "We remember, we rebuild, we come back stronger!"
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1d Ago
✔️Measles ✔️Authoritarian populists ✔️Trade wars And people wonder why we teach history.
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1d Ago
Big anniversary = free stuff
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1d Ago
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1d Ago
@rowepg @nortonibus Yup. You don't want to go there. Brutal.
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