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8h Ago
RT @MartyM_RTE: Filming News piece today in UL with Niall Moran, former Limerick hurler & who comes along in his “jeep” but the legendary…
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1d Ago
RT @rte: The @RTEBrainstorm weekend long read: law, literature & Bruce Springsteen. Dean Strang @MakingAMurderer & @UL on what Springsteen’…
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2d Ago
The science of a hangover: understanding the chemistry of our food and drink and how they affect our body can help us to combat the next day hangover. 🍷🍺 UL's Dr @sorchaniaodh writes for @RTEBrainstorm with @UCC's @cmccarthy889 & Dr Abina Crean https://t.co/Cegn3V6Fr5
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2d Ago
RT @stephenmcf: Surprises around every corner of this fantastic campus @UL https://t.co/T031kp1jqp
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2d Ago
RT @UL: Calling everyone who graduated in a year ending in 3 or 8, your UL reunion is coming soon. Register now and you could win two night…
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3d Ago
@ArchitDeSanta Know what? 🤔
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3d Ago
@techsupportgay @labour https://t.co/QXlYhWEUzO
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3d Ago
RT @ULPresident: The Team Sport Development at Maguire’s Field is well underway @UL natural & synthetic grass & hurling walls - lots of new…
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3d Ago
@kevin_cogley @Shaneymac ᴺᵒ ʷᵃʸ https://t.co/WxrHS5FAa1
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3d Ago
@kevin_cogley @Shaneymac Hi Kevin, not following what you are on about at all. 🤷‍♀️
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3d Ago
Calling everyone who graduated in a year ending in 3 or 8, your UL reunion is coming soon. Register now and you could win two nights B&B for two people in the Four Star Castletroy Park Hotel.
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4d Ago
@docinthehaus @eannacliff Farmers market every Tuesday on UL campus. Excellent produce 🍆🍑
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4d Ago
@Shaneymac Haven't a clue. 💭
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4d Ago
@Shaneymac Sorry Shane, we don't understand what you mean. 🤔
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4d Ago
@realalphatwin Tell us what? 🤔
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4d Ago
We asked some UL students "What emojis do you most associate with UL life?" Healthy eating of fruit/veg, the numerous water features on campus & staying positive with a smile all topped the list of associations as "🍑🍆💦😏" were the most common responses. Happy #WorldEmojiDay
388 Favorites 123 Retweets
4d Ago
RT @ULAlumniUL: Congratulations to UL alumni Dr @padraigoleary & Dr Stephen Moore on the multi-million dollar deal which saw their AI start…
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5d Ago
RT @ULPresident: Great to see @ibec_irl add their voice to the call for increased funding of Ireland’s Universities. - ‘We have a real cris…
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5d Ago
RT @DiODoherty: Brown Thomas is still on the lash after Pride 🤣 good man flying the flag! https://t.co/AOYFCUyqN1
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6h Ago
RT @UL: UL is among the top three universities in Europe for career preparation through internships and for staff and student gender balanc…
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