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4h Ago
Tune in Saturday! #BirminghamDL
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9h Ago
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13h Ago
Crikey! @sandicheekspv has a lot of creatures Read more about Sandi's passion for animals:
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15h Ago
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15h Ago
Kara Goucher Shares the Secret to Finally Finding Her Confidence via @runnersworld
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1d Ago
🔟memorable moments from NACAC Senior Championships, via @iaaforg 📰:
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1d Ago
Taylor Ewert tallies third American U20 record at the USA vs. Canada Junior Race Walk Match to take USATF Athlete of the Week 📰
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1d Ago
Ask @nytimes your questions about running! Running coach, personal trainer and fitness advocate @RobinNYC is taking questions until Thursday 12pm ET.
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1d Ago
Happy #NationalRelaxationDay! Reply with your best relaxation pics and GIFs!
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1d Ago
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2d Ago
Dress like a pro! Visit us at and receive a 10% discount until 8/31 using promo code: GIVEME10 @lroesler5
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2d Ago
RT @MariaMichta: So much I ❤️ captured in this one shot! 1-the satisfaction on my face Not every moment in the journey is suppose to feel…
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2d Ago
Kevin Hart Announces He Is Running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon via @nbcchicago
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2d Ago
RT @ShalaneFlanagan: F4%k YEAH!!!!!! I’m heading back to NYC 🗽♥️ “When I think about returning to race in New York City, I’m flooded with…
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2d Ago
For 93-year-old track and field standout George Roudebush, age still nothing but a number
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3d Ago
RT @SportsNation: This is way harder than it looks. Right, @lolojones? 👖
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3d Ago
The running ritual that saved Rik Zortman -- and created a movement
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3d Ago
Shalane Flanagan Loves New York — and Its Marathon
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3d Ago
RT @ktnago13: Tastes so gooooood 😋.
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3d Ago
Vermonters Enman and Sinclair win rain-soaked USATF 50 km Trail Championships, via @ATRAtrailrunner 📰:
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