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5d Ago
It's the Summer of New Rewards! Keep checking in to #TWDRewards as we reveal new #TWD swag like our limited edition posters! Visit https://t.co/HnUS2Q4n8V to register. https://t.co/ONjU0iMdLM
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3h Ago
Wine just became a lot more badass. Order the limited-edition collection of Ladies of The Walking Dead wine now at https://t.co/4eRWPylp0N https://t.co/S7FK6h0ts3
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1w Ago
Summertime means fresh #TWDRewards! We’re adding brand new stuff every week. Not a member? Sign up now at https://t.co/CXzMxj9RVz and make sure to check back every Friday at 12pm ET to see our new rewards! https://t.co/kk5xHu2IGu
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1w Ago
You can find Rick and Negan fighting side by side just like Carl dreamt in @twdnomansland! https://t.co/5dOKVwIdHS
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1w Ago
“I’m just trying to help my friend.” Catch up with Morgan and the #FearTWD crew tonight at 9/8c during an epic mid-season finale. https://t.co/MHRVJ7E4q9
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1w Ago
This is it: one last episode of #FearTWD. Don't miss it, or you'll miss the chance to collect more #TWDRewards points to redeem for cool stuff. https://t.co/orqoaAYkCA https://t.co/ODwW5UAtXr
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1w Ago
Catch up with Morgan and the gang TONIGHT for the mid-season finale of #FearTWD at 9/8c. https://t.co/N30gm6gBtw
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1w Ago
“I’m just trying to help my friend.” Catch up with Morgan and the #FearTWD crew tomorrow at 9/8c during an epic mid-season finale. https://t.co/tXlkvqHg0G
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1w Ago
TOMORROW. Don't miss the mid-season finale of #FearTWD on AMC at 9/8c. https://t.co/m1JEZ9DPoM
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1w Ago
Hey, @cavs, if you need some help tonight, Morgan’s got a lot of fight in him. And check out that spin game. #NBAFinals #TWD https://t.co/54ZZmihjC8
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2w Ago
Replace the walkers with synths. Check out the Season 3 premiere of @humansamc and see what the future looks like tonight at 10/9c on @AMC_TV https://t.co/z1jxk5L0QN
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2w Ago
Who swears more, Abraham or Negan? They are still alive and kickin' in @TWDNoMansLand! https://t.co/zRD3xmACkG
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2w Ago
Catch an all new episode of #FearTWD this Sunday at 9/8c. Watch for the #TWDRewards code and redeem your points for some cool new gear! https://t.co/zFJqLxe7ry https://t.co/Z4dCw1E1mD
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2w Ago
The June #TWDSupply Drop is accepting orders through JUNE 4th. This is your last chance for a brand new FUNKO pop and other exclusive merch. Now shipping in the US, Canada, UK and Australia! https://t.co/hXegzL1jQR https://t.co/6oKDf8yWDo
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2w Ago
Pre-register now for the Walking Dead mobile game "Our World" and get 200 #TWDRewards Points to redeem for some cool #TWD swag! https://t.co/oWGPnxSW36 https://t.co/ZaDLINZoFv
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3w Ago
Want a tour of the #TWD set? Sign up for #TWDRewards and start earning points. It's that simple. https://t.co/5R6YBqPdAl https://t.co/0eTaaCARSY
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3w Ago
@FearTWD Sureeeeeeee.
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4w Ago
Get ready to watch a new episode of #FearTWD tonight AND earn 300 points with a #TWDRewards code. Because free stuff is awesome. https://t.co/7P1KAKF9XT https://t.co/MrAliTTexB
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4w Ago
For #TWDRewards members only: we’ve got limited-edition pins designed for the crew by Greg Nicotero himself. Get them before they’re gone — sign up today! #TWD https://t.co/7P1KAKF9XT https://t.co/x6H8ZGNubW
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5w Ago
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