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6h Ago
Last 24 Hours = 22 Followers and 14 Unfollowers (stats by https://t.co/hggYbR6kEE app)
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18h Ago
RT @DrNat01: So can the legal minds tell me if these Nazi tactics of holding civilians at gunpoint are legal? @SethAbramson @tribelaw @AriM
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18h Ago
RT @MSNBC: Rep. Cummings says on @Morning_Joe: "I think we are in a very difficult time in this country's history, and I am begging the Ame…
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21h Ago
RT @tamarabrock: How is this not conspiracy with the Russians??? Or sedition? https://t.co/s3a1L2t45w
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21h Ago
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21h Ago
RT @WendyMeer11: Wow! Reality Winner gets 63 months with 3 years probation and lifetime restrictions for ALERTING America of election inter…
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21h Ago
RT @TheRynheart: Senator Collins received Bob Mercer’s donation this year. More money than ‘reported receiving from all Maine residents thi…
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21h Ago
RT @BooBooRx: Of COURSE he did....and some applaud him for it? Oh, no no no...I’d love to know his reason...? 😏👎 https://t.co/NaKdGcj5fj
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21h Ago
RT @SamTLevin: An armed pro-Trump militia in New Mexico appears to be detaining migrants at the border and working with Border Patrol agent…
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21h Ago
RT @Well_Regulated_: A member of our well regulated militia leaves a loaded gun in an RV while packing it for a family trip. Two kids - 12…
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21h Ago
RT @kylegriffin1: Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler: "We will have major hearing. Barr and Mueller are just the first. We will call many othe…
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21h Ago
RT @IlhanMN: Trump and his administration have infected the White House with a culture of dishonesty and corruption. https://t.co/IQnCLgxIP7
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21h Ago
RT @mateagold: It’s worth taking a moment to reflect on how much the public learned about Russian interference, contacts between Russians a…
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21h Ago
RT @ScarletAvengers: <Thread> Meet/RT/Follow/Support #BlueWave2020💙Dem @danbbaer running in CO to flip Cory Gardner’s Senate seat in 2020 #…
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21h Ago
RT @rjcrock2003: Let’s be very clear: Sarah Sanders lied to Robert Mueller too https://t.co/ZPkocTdr7M
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21h Ago
RT @SafetyPinDaily: QAnon Believers Crushed After Mueller Report Fails to Lead to Hillary Clinton's Arrest | via: thedailybeast https://t.c…
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21h Ago
RT @TrainDems: ☑️Doesn’t back down to bullies ☑️Leads with passion ☑️Cares about the betterment of this country .@TeamPelosi is the exact…
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21h Ago
RT @studentlegalnet: We are suing Betsy DeVos because we know that students deserve better -- and we are willing to fight for it. Follow ou…
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1d Ago
RT @whoa_u: TODAY @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport @TwitterGov !!!! What is it going to take for you to remove someone who very obviously is…
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