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1h Ago
RT @MikeE5037: Armenian Lawmakers Strip Retired General Of Immunity After Security Raid
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1h Ago
RT @MikeE5037: FBI agent Peter Strzok escorted from headquarters
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1h Ago
RT @RodStryker: @phil4gop @POTUS Looney Leftists want to destroy America. They sent in Pedo Joe Biden & Creep John Travolta to put the squ…
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1h Ago
RT @phil4gop: The Left thinks they hit a “gold mine” with the separating kids issue. Once again they can’t see the forest for the trees. W…
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1h Ago
RT @RodStryker: @therealroseanne Solution: Build the Wall Secure Border End Chain Migration End Visa Lottery Mandatory E-Verify National V…
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1h Ago
RT @KKpower7: Sean predicted 2018 will be the year that multiple liberal scandals “boomerang” back on the media the Democratic party; addin…
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1h Ago
RT @consmover: AMERICA: The only country where people check their food stamp balance on their $800 smart phone. #TuesdayThoughts
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1h Ago
RT @RodStryker: Democrats don't hide their crazy anymore. They dress them up as Congress women, slap on lipstick, & send them to DC. Sen F…
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1h Ago
RT @heyitsmeCarolyn: Did the sheeple get tricked again? Silly Americans when will they ever learn? Don't cover the IG Report /FBI corrupti…
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1h Ago
RT @USAloveGOD: #WarriorWednesday #WednesdayWarrior Warriors do not lower themselves to the standards of other people; they live independ…
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1h Ago
RT @heyitsmeCarolyn: Good Morning Patriots🇺🇸 Our President is attacked everyday and still fights for us🇺🇸 God Bless our President and God…
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1h Ago
RT @USAloveGOD: @glo_mojo Report this tweet immediately if you care about children! #PeterHenryFonda is promoting child kidnapping, hate,…
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1h Ago
RT @USAloveGOD: @glo_mojo @FBI @DHSgov @POTUS @CIA @VP @Twitter @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety @JacksMailbox @jack 👉He's apparently on a ro…
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