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1h Ago
Moss covers the #trees in the #AncientWoodland of Beaulieu Wood, overlooking Monmouth and the river Wye https://t.co/AkewyUT3w3 #WorldPhotographyDay https://t.co/FCM7cBrc81
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2h Ago
The Fisher's Hall at #Hackfall woods. Find out more about this #AncientWoodland on the edge of the #YorkshireDales at https://t.co/aYCquqHcZl #WorldPhotographyDay https://t.co/7K0QoCg2mU
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4h Ago
A beech #tree (Fagus Sylvatica) deep in the #woods. Learn more about this species at https://t.co/DHE9FfNJV8 #WorldPhotographyDay https://t.co/k9AcYn7PBO
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5h Ago
The beautiful landscape of #GlenDevon, in Perthshire. Learn more about the Glen Devon #woodlands at https://t.co/dcXaVZZ2g2 #WorldPhotographyDay https://t.co/0TOur1VgnS
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6h Ago
The Crowhurst #Yew is thought to be as old as 4,000 years! In 1820 inhabitants of the local village found a cannon ball in the hollow trunk, most likely from the English Civil War! You can find more #AncientTrees with the #AncientTree Inventory: https://t.co/KZS4CbyMgV https://t.co/2eW206Z2Vv
166 Favorites 83 Retweets
7h Ago
You can learn all about the #trees that call the UK their home at https://t.co/dLYNfT0NTS https://t.co/CGtgP4eXfP
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7h Ago
RT @SundayBrunchC4: Got a tree related question? Send them in and we'll put them to science author @jondrori 🌲  #SundayBrunch
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7h Ago
RT @Scout8th: @WoodlandTrust needs volunteers. “We’re looking for #volunteers to join our existing team of verifiers who verify the record…
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8h Ago
It's #WorldPhotoDay! We thought we'd start the day with this beautiful picture from #SmithillsEstate! https://t.co/E2fwIZZYRh https://t.co/fiszZSOjlO
42 Favorites 13 Retweets
10h Ago
50% of the UK's #AncientWoodland has disappeared in the last 80 years. Join us and help save the UK's richest #wildlife habitat https://t.co/XITZNKDzAQ #StandUpForTrees https://t.co/OhDC85B7Th
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1d Ago
RT @onceabee: Got a post card from @WoodlandTrust they have achieved the legislation change to protect ancient trees. Sign petitions! Give…
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1d Ago
RT @groweatgift: This is the Tree of Life @HenhamPark. I had to nominate it for @WoodlandTrust Tree of the Year. It is incredible. @Latitud
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1d Ago
Share membership with the ones you love. Get #outdoors and discover the beauty of #woodland together with our family membership! https://t.co/MApH4vWDeS #NatureDetectives https://t.co/15kkwiYN6E
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1d Ago
#ScienceCorner: #Methane uptake from #forest soils has ‘fallen by 77% in three decades’ https://t.co/5vG9Lq9ljZ @CarbonBrief https://t.co/51yR1YgnGS
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1d Ago
We’re looking for #volunteers to join our existing team of verifiers who verify the recordings of ancient, notable and #VeteranTrees on the #AncientTree Inventory! https://t.co/xPhSHfTu8S https://t.co/RharAVguOx
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1d Ago
The Belvoir Park Forest #Oak has a girth of over eight metres, and is one of a significant number of #AncientTrees found in the area. You can find more ancient and #VeteranTrees with the #AncientTree Inventory: https://t.co/BzP2evO9yw https://t.co/wlpoiUriuO
33 Favorites 12 Retweets
1d Ago
The age-old question of whether your #conker is ready for battle is strongly linked to #NaturesCalendar’s quest for the date you see the first ripe conker. So we're giving you our top tips for knowing when a conker is ripe! https://t.co/F31FpEN2rY https://t.co/IYG8MTI53r
112 Favorites 42 Retweets
1d Ago
Discover the natural world on your doorstep and become #NatureDetectives this #summer with our activity ideas! https://t.co/x99NyVFCgD #SummerHolidays https://t.co/SBSrEOI5MD
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1d Ago
Every child deserve a skinned-knee #summer, climbing #trees, building dens, and running around the #woods! https://t.co/vZ8bNKrkgG https://t.co/LuaJBwZP8Z
354 Favorites 152 Retweets
2d Ago
One in six UK species are at risk of extinction. Join @ChrisGPackham at the #PeoplesWalkForWildlife and get involved to save them! https://t.co/yH35NAyyfl https://t.co/UsEtKQ5T6f
71 Favorites 67 Retweets
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